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Breakfast in Saigon

🕒 Until 2pm
Comes with Coffee or tea and one choice of side
Add $2.00 for Viet Coffee

V- Vegetarian Option . 🥜 Nut Allergy . GF- Gluten Friendly


Strawberry and Grapes Cake

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Buttermilk Pancake - $12

Two eggs as you like, two buttermilk pancakes, maple butter cream sauce

Vietnamese Breakfast Sub - $14

House pate, Jambon, Viet ham, fried egg, pickle, cilantro, butter mayo sauce

“Bánh Mì” Hashbowl - $15

Fried egg, Jambon, sliced Viet ham, pate, cheese, butter sauce, caramelized onion & pepper, baguette crostini – Substitute Wild Mushroom and Tofu for Vegetarian option

Waffle, Fried Chicken & Egg - $15

Crispy fried chicken, scallion Belgian waffle, hot honey, pickled cucumber, fried sunny egg

Viet Style breakfast smashed burger - $16

Marinated patty, cheddar, house Djonaise, pickle, fried egg, greens, tomato and crispy onion

Viet Bennies - $16

Viet loose chorizo, Croissant, pate, butter sauce, poached egg with truffle Hollandaise

Bò Né (Viet steak and Eggs ) - $16

Marinated striploin steak, two eggs as you like, pate, cheese served with baguette

Cơm Tấm ( Viet’s famous breakfast broken rice) - $16

Choice of Pork Chop or Chicken, fried egg, pickle, tomato, cucumber, confit scallion, broken rice served with Pineapple fish sauce comes with Coffee or Tea.

Extra Side - $3.00

Hashbrown – House salad – pancake (1) – crispy pork belly

Lunch & Dinner in Saigon

🕒 11am till close
V- Vegetarian Option . 🥜 Nut Allergy . GF- Gluten Friendly


Strawberry and Grapes Cake

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Chả Giò (Traditional Viet spring rolls) - $10
GF. V. 🥜

Three crispy fried spring rolls, minced pork, taro, carrot, chives served with traditional fish sauce or creamy sesame peanut sauce

Gỏi Cuốn (salad rolls) - $10
GF. V. 🥜

Three rolls, choice of Pork & Prawn or Tofu & Mushroom (V), vermicelli, herbs served with creamy sesame hoisin sauce, roasted peanut

French Fries - $7
GF. V.

House seasoning served with butter & sugar for dipping (saigon style)

Gỏi Đu Đủ Trộn Tôm Thịt (Viet papaya salad) - $12
GF. 🥜

Pork & Prawn or Tofu and Mushroom (V), papaya, carrot, Vietnamese herb, toasted peanut, prawn crackers served with pineapple fish sauce vinaigrette

Gỏi Bò Sa Tế ( Satay Beef salad) - $14
GF. 🥜

Fresh green, marinated stir fried satay beef, pickled onion, peanut, fried onion, grilled pineapple, light coconut pineapple vinaigrette served with prawn crackers

Má Heo Nướng (Charbroiled Pork Jowl) - Limited Quantity - $14

Marinated pork jowl, house pickle, greens spicy peanut sauce

Mực Chiên Giòn (Sweet and Sour crispy squid) - $14
GF. V.

Crispy humboldt squid, cilantro & tomato aioli, grilled pineapple.

Sub Tofu for Vegetarian/ Vegan option


Comes with Fries or Papaya salad

Traditional Bánh Mì - $14

Jambon, Viet ham, house pate,cucumber ,butter sauce, pickle, cilantro, crispy onion.

Bánh Mì Thịt Nướng ( BBQ Pork) - $14

Charbroiled pork, pickle, cucumber, butter sauce, cilantro, crispy onion, house BBQ sauce.

Bánh mì Bò nướng bơ Sa tế (Butter Satay Lemongrass) - 14$

Grilled lemongrass beef, butter, butter sauce, cilantro, pickle, cucumber and crispy onion.

Bánh Mì Xíu Mại nướng (Viet Charbroiled Loose Chorizo) - $14

Vietnamese style loose Chorizo, Spicy peanut sauce, cucumber, pickle, butter sauce, crispy onion, scallion oil.

Vietnamese beef dip (French & Viet fusion) - $16 ***

Braised tender brisket, creamy cheese sauce, crispy shallot dip with mama Hoa’s stew.

Vietnamese Satay Chop Cheese - $16 ***
V. 🥜

Choice of Steak or Chicken Or Tofu & Mushroom, cheddar and swiss, tomato, lettuce, spicy peanut sauce, crispy onion, scallion oil.

Viet BBQ Chicken Club - $15

Marinated BBQ chicken, house crispy pork belly, greens, tomato, pickle red onion, secret sauce

Wild Mushroom Grilled Cheese 2.0 - $15

Soy marinated mushroom, mixed cheese, tomato & basil remoulade.

Bò Lá Lốt Burger (Viet smashed burger) - $15

Marinated patty, betel leaf, pickle, comeback sauce, crushed peanut, crispy onion, scallion oil

Noodle - $16
Bún thịt nướng chả giò (Vermicelli bowl)
V. 🥜

Charbroiled Pork or Steak or Tofu & Mushroom, springroll, herbs, pickle, toasted peanut and fried shallot

Bò Hầm ( Mama Hoa’s signature braised beef stew)
GF. V.

Vietnamese twist on tradition French beef stew, carrot, tender braised brisket & flank in a slight spiced broth, touch of wine served with tradition baguette for dipping or rice noodle

Hủ Tiếu Xào (Vietnamese drunken stir fried rice noodle)
GF. V.

Viet style stir fried rice noodle, eggs, beansprout, chives, house sauce, crispy onion
Protein choice
Steak or Shrimp – $3
Chicken or Tofu and Mushroom – $2

Hủ Tiếu Sa Tế ( District 5 peanut satay soup)
GF. V.

Satay marinated steak, beef ball, rice noodle, tomato, cucumber topped with peanut and crispy onion

Mì Gõ (Dried Tossing Rice Noodle)

Egg noodle, chives, pork, shrimp, beef balls, side soup, bean sprout tossed in our secret sauce

Cơm Tấm (Vietnamese broken rice) - $16

Choice of pork chop or chicken, fried egg, pineapple fish sauce, pickle.

Family BBQ Lettuce Wrap & Rice Platter for 4 - $64

Charbroiled pork chop, Grilled lemongrass steak & chicken, springrolls, rice, lettuce, fresh herb, house pickle, two dipping sauces, crispy onion & toasted peanut, scallion oil.

**Add 5$ for Unlimited Rice**

Drink Menu

Cà phê sữa (Vietnamese espresso with condensed milk) - $6

Hot / Cold – 16oz
Add topping $2
Coconut cream or Salted cream




Jasmine / Earls grey / Green tea / Citrus

Citrus Peach Orange Tea - $7

House blend cold brew, fresh orange, house lemongrass & peach syrup

Lychee Mint Tea - $7

House blend cold brew, lychee, crushed mint, lime juice

Citrus lime honey tea - $7

House blend cold brew, fresh lime juice, honey, orange


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